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About Us

Our priority is that you live an unforgettable experience always adhering to the guidelines established by the authorities to be in harmony and balance with nature.


Being in a protected area of ​​the biosphere of the Sierra Gorda, we must be very responsible in the way we conduct our adventure tourism activities.



That is why our tours are through established dirt roads and places where the vehicles of the inhabitants of the communities circulate. Your safety is our priority for this reason the attention is very personalized, so we can offer you the adventure that best suits your physical abilities.


Come and live a different experience. We will wait for you.


For more than 22 years, we toured the Sierra Gorda de Querétaro, since then we have always been involved with the inhabitants of the communities


In the same way we work together with the municipal governments to be able to make your stay safe. 


,come and live the experience

Colectas de Ropa y comida para las comunidades de la Sierra Gorda.


A través de las donaciones que hacen los participantes en cada uno de nuestros eventos llevamos a cabo la entrega de ropa, comida y juguetes.

Sierra Gorda Querétaro Dardo 4
Sierra Gorda Querétaro Dardo 4
Cañon del paraiso Dardo4 Sierra Gorda
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