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Personal Tours

Combined van and hike: those in which we move from one place to another in a van and the physical effort is very little, walking transfers are not longer than 3 km, advantage can visit many places.



Walking Tours: In these we enter the mountains where it is not  possible for us to enter vehicles as a result they are places rarely visited by conventional tourists, the advantage of these is that it is an incredible contact with nature, hiking requires that you have good condition physics, this type of tour is the one we recommend the most, down here you will be able to see videos of these types of tours.


You just tell us how much you want to walk and we suggest what is best for  you, we want your experience in the Sierra Gorda to be unforgettable.


In all personal tours we make your video and photography.

Please fill out the form to be able to make 

the best recommendation for your trip.


Answering the following questions in it in the comments area.



Probable date of your visit to the Sierra Gorda?


Days of stay Number of people?


On a scale of 1 to 10, assuming that the scale of 10 is to walk 20km a week and 1 no more than 2km a week, what scale are you on?


Do you suffer from diabetes, hypertension or any disease?


Which option is closest to the tours you want, walked or combined?


Do you want to camp, stay in a hotel or cabin?


 Here you can see photos and videos of personalized tours. under the form. Here are some of the places that you can visit in the Sierra Gorda in some you have to make walks of more than 1 hour in others you can arrive in vehicles a lot of these do not reach conventional tourism however they have incredible landscapes right here you find the places more common, if you are interested in knowing any of these with pleasure we can take you all these places correspond to the municipalities of Cadereyta, ArroyoSeco, Pinal de Amoles, Landa de Matamoros, San Joaquín, Jalpan, Peñamiller which are the municipalities that cover the Sierra Gorda :

Mirador lagunitas

Cascada en la comunidad de  maconi

Comunidad del Doctor

Grutas las esperanza

Gruta de los Herrera

San Joaquín

Los Lirios

Zona arqueológica de ranas

Zona arqueológica de toluquilla

Campo alegre, san Joaquín

Cascada de Maravillas

Cascada del Durazno

El caracol

Cañón de culebras

Cueva del agua

Cañón del paraíso

Campamento y balneario el nogal

La zancona

Piedras de Agua fría

Valle sagrado Toliman

Cerro de la Media luna

Campamento rivera del rio

Campamento el jabalí

Balneario el Oasis

Mirado de 4 palos

Cañón de la gotera


Cascada el salto

Cañón de agua fría

Cerro de la Pingüica

Cerro del epazote

Camino a Joyas de Bucareli

Rio extoraz

El sauz de Guadalupe

Cañón de la Tinaja

Cañón de Ayutla

Sótano de Barro

Misión Tancoyol

Misión de Tilaco

Misión de Conca

Misión de Jalpan

Misión de Landa de matamoros

Cascada el salto

Cascada el chuveje

Cascada el cedral

Cueva de jalpan

Zona arqueológica de jalpan

Cueva de los riscos

La Pingüica

Rio de Ayutla

Rio santa maría

San juan de los duran

La Barranca

Sendero a canoas

Puente de dios

Cañón de la angostura

Pozas del infiernillo

Casa de maquinas

Las adjuntas

El carrizal

Rio Moctezuma

Mesa de león


¡Gracias por tu mensaje!

Sierra Gorda Tours dado4
Sierra Gorda Tours dado4
Sierra Gorda Tours dado4
Sierra GordaDardo4 Tours
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